• Matt Cutts Throws Light on How Google Treats 404 and 410 Error Status Codes!
    [April 17, 2014] In the recent Webmaster Help video, Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Search Spam, explains the difference in how Google treats 404 and 410 error status codes. The question posed was: “Does Google do anything different when encountering a 404 versus a 410?” Matt answered that both 404 and 410 are request errors and imply that […]
  • Google Assures that There is No Threat if Your Website Gets Placed in the Disavow List
    [March 20, 2014] Now if someone threatens you with adding your site to their disavow list you don't have to worry about your site getting tagged as "spammy". Google has confirmed that having URLS from your website submitted in the disavow file of any backlinks removal company will not have any adverse affect on the page rank of […]
  • Google Recommends Embedding EXIF data in Images to Make Them Search-Friendly!
    [February 26, 2014] So the next time you take a picture, you can consider embedding shutter speed, exposure compensation, ISO number, white balance, resolution and other EXIF annotations in your image. Matt Cutts, Google's head of Search Spam, says that the search engine reserves the right to use this information as a potential ranking factor.
  • Cleaner, More Reliable App Insights Live For Facebook App Developers
    [January 27, 2014] For the past few years, Facebook app developers have relied on App Insights to learn how consumers use their app. While it’s certainly already a good tool, Facebook thinks it can improve it to make it even better for developers.
  • Disallow Search Engines in Robots.txt File? No Worries on Google
    [January 6, 2014] Here’s a first. Well, actually I’m not surprised when it comes to Google, but this is the first time I have seen a website disallow the search engines from indexing their website. But the website still ranks number one in Google for their primary keyword phrase.
  • Google Developers Show You How To Upgrade To Universal Analytics
    [December 9, 2013] Earlier this year, Google launched universal analytics for everyone. At the time, it said the new tools would help businesses “measure how people actually become and remain loyal customers.” That’s great and all, but you may have found that universal analytics isn’t that easy to implement.
  • A/B Testing And Analytics Now Available To Amazon Mobile App Developers
    [November 7, 2013] Despite building Fire OS on top of Android, Amazon wants developers to choose its platform over Android or iOS when building apps. Over the last year, it’s become easier to recommend the platform as Amazon has leveraged the power of AWS to offer a number of services to developers that are typically hard to implement […]
  • Features For The Blind Added To Internet Explorer 11
    [October 14, 2013] The blind and visually impaired are criminally overlooked as technology progresses. There’s been a few improvements to how computers behave to help those with visual impairments, but you could easily argue that not enough is being done to improve accessibility. Microsoft must feel the same way as it’s adding a number of improvements to its […]
  • What To Do If Your Website Is Hit By Panda
    [September 16, 2013] In an answer to the question "what should a site owner do if they think they might be affected by Panda?” Google Head of Spam Search, Matt Cutts has posted a video.
  • Adding Facebook Login To Your Apps Can Increase Conversion Rates
    [August 26, 2013] Facebook Login is an easy way for developers to integrate an immediately recognizable login feature into their apps or Web site. The social network revamped how it handles Facebook Login back in April, and now more apps than ever are using the feature.
  • LinkedIn Company Page APIs Now Open To Developers
    [August 8, 2013] LinkedIn just announced that it’s opening up its company page APIs. This means developers can enable marketers to publish content to LinkedIn Company Pages, monitor conversations in real time and get analytics from the pages.
  • Can a Non-optimized Site Outrank Yours That is Optimized?
    [July 15, 2013] If you need to know anything about SEO (search engine optimisation) there’s only one person to ask, Matt Cutts of Google.
  • Google Wants you to Improve Site’s Ranking with Quality Content and Not Just Links!
    [June 25, 2013] Creating quality backlinks to get the website on the top of Google SERPs is one of the golden rules that webmasters have been following for years. With Google penalizing the sites with poor quality backlinks, link building has become a lot trickier. And the result is, webmasters shifting their focus from link building to quality […]
  • Apple Releases Its Own App For WWDC
    [June 4, 2013] Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off in exactly one week from today, and Apple has just released a new app that not only helps those who are attending the event but also provides content for those who can’t make it.
  • Quick Summary Of Google Play Game Services Features
    [May 16, 2013] During today’s Google I/O keynote, the company announced Google Play game services – a series of APIs that help developers add more features and value to their Android and iOS games.
  • Things To Do Before Writing Code Or Launching Your Website
    [April 22, 2013] I found a series of articles that I wrote more than 10 years ago. But, amazingly enough, all of this information is still valid and true. It’s a great primer on what you should, and should not do before launching any website, especially an e-commerce website.
  • Facebook Introduces Games Section For Timeline
    [April 2, 2013] At GDC last week, Facebook unveiled the Games Developer Center. The hub promises to contain all the information a game developer needs to make games for Facebook or Facebook integrated games for mobile devices. That wasn’t the only announcement, however, as Facebook is also bringing games to the newly redesigned timeline.
  • March 28 Is The Deadline For Game Submission For The Ouya’s Launch
    [March 11, 2013] Ouya, the little game console that could, is about to be shipped out to all the early adopters that supported the console during its Kickstarter phase. To make sure it has plenty of games before it gets into the hands of gamers, developers are now free to start uploading their creations to Ouya.
  • Could Google’s Javascript Bot Be Killing Your Website?
    [February 18, 2013] In recent years due to developers misguided attempts to make the web a more interesting place with things like JavaScript and Ajax, search engines have had to come up with new tools to make the content that’s hidden behind these technologies accessible. While I’m sure the people at the Googleplex have nothing but the best […]
  • Google Uploads Latest Android Developer Hangout To YouTube
    [February 4, 2013] Google has uploaded a new Android developers hangout discussing various Android dev topics. They do note that the U.S. version of Office Hours has moved on to another format.
  • Custom Graph Stories Get Flexible Sentences From Facebook
    [January 7, 2013] As a Facebook developer, are you frustrated by the rigid structure of Open Graph sentences? Facebook has a standard that it applies to every story so that each action is described in the same manner using the same action verbs. Honestly, it can get a little boring, and maybe even a little confusing. That’s why […]
  • Google Maps Android API Updated
    [December 4, 2012] Google announced that it is launching an update to the Google Maps Android API to include some highly requested features.
  • Android 4.2 SDK Released
    [November 15, 2012] We've all seen the great new features coming to Android 4.2 by now. The Photo Sphere camera is pretty amazing, and multiple accounts on tablets has been a long time coming. Those features, however, are just the beginning. The new Jelly Bean also has a number of new features that developers will be able to make great use of.
  • Firefox Marketplace Now Available
    [October 22, 2012] Did you know that Mozilla has an app store? It's called the Firefox Marketplace, and it's an area where developers can sell HTML5 apps. It's going to be a central part of the Firefox OS coming to smartphones early next year. Developers wanting to get a head start can now start gathering important feedback from early testers.
  • TypeScript To Make JavaScript Application Development Easier
    [October 4, 2012] JavaScript has been one of the core foundations of HTML5 since the beginning. Microsoft has been aggressively pushing HTML5 in Internet Explorer 10. So what happens when you take Microsoft's desire to create proprietary programming languages and their insistence on HTML5? You get TypeScript, the company's own version of JavaScript.